HULK CITY is a Swiss Power Trio with an international staffing (UK/DE/CH) and… 150 Years of ROCK.

We are rocking out since our teenage-days and experienced the turmoil and challenges of music business. Bands were founded and broke up again, Songs were written, played and recorded, Gigs & Tours have been played and CDs been produced. The ultimate stardom and the dream to become a Rockstar never realized but the FUN of being creative, write songs and kick ass on stage never stopped.

You cannot enforce anything but when the right pieces fall into place a magic chemistry can result in energy & creativity. That happened when the German Guitarplayer, the Swiss Bassplayer/Singer and the British Drummer met in Switzerland in 2010. This three-piece became a forth element – HULK CITY.

Inspired by the ghosts of our generation (Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, Police, Motörhead and many more….) we came back to life again. Three tours in the United Kingdom (England & Wales) followed, from Cardiff’s “Globe” to Londons & “The Underworld”, from North to South , from “The Rigger“ in Stoke to “The Hydrant“ in Brighton.

The actual CD “Divers Down” was recorded at the HC Headquarter (rehearsal room) and mixed by Arvid Tjelta (Frog Leap Studios, Norway). We would be happy as pigs in shit if you if you like what you hear! If you have any questions or need further informations we’re happy to support you, just get in contact.

Cheers, thanks alot in advance & keep rocking – HULK CITY

 The Government of HULK CITY are

KEN BHUTAN – Vocals & Bass
ADAM TEN – Guitar & Explosives
COZMO TRILITHON – Drums & Ammunition