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Dear Bookers, Clubowners, Festival-Organizers & Citizens please read the following…

HULK CITY – Rules of Collaboration

Please note that we only play handpicked and assorted venues i.e. we don’t play live just for the sake of it. Our basic principle and goal is that the audience as well as the band should enjoy the gig/concert as much as possible. Therefore here are our rules of collaboration to avoid any disappointing experiences for you and us.

Standard rules:

  1. We usually play festivals and live events (Clubs, Halls, Stadiums etc.) with several bands. We prefer to play in front of people, therefore we have no problem to play as an opener for a well known local or global Band. If there are usually just 20 or less people at your venue we are not interested, sorry – no offence.

  2. If we have to travel more than 150Km to get to the venue, a hotel (ibis etc.) or private accommodation must be organized and payed. No shitholes please.

  3. Fee for a Hulk City gig has to be negotiated, depending on the circumstances (Distance, location etc.)

  4. P.A., Monitors, Lights, Stage, Mixer etc. must be available and working free of charge. Stagehands are always welcomed but not mandatory. Additional nitty-gritty technical/stage details to be discussed when it’s rollin’.

  5. Food and beverages must be available free of charge before, during and after the gig. Don’t get nervous as we don’t drink gallons of beer, whiskey etc. or request caviar or other luxury items. Also we do not expect that guests of the Band consume for free, if that’s possible anyhow, we appreciate it a lot.

Exceptions from the standard rules:

  1. If you are the owner of a small club or an organizer of a charity event (Festival or whatever) who can not afford to pay a huge fee you have to be a passionate, altruistic, music enthusiast who lives and breathes for music and his club/event. Most of all, you really have to WANT! us playing at your club/event and of course like our music. If you can answer all that with YES!, please get in touch with us and we will find a way to make it happen.

  2. If you are a greedy shithead who offers nothing but a long ride, lousy equipment, no fee and a bill for drinks &  food, just to have us play in front of no one, please don’t get in touch… ‘cause nothing will happen.

  3. Please don’t think we’re arrogant assholes, as we are not. We just know what we want… joy and a good time for everybody.

Self-Assessment – Check how you feel!

If the above sounds reasonable and you have a smile on your face, get in touch. If you feel angry or annoyed after reading this, we are probably not the right band to work with.